Cities in Romania

Romania is a country that has a big diversity of cities, considering his territorial extension, we are opposite to a country in which the ethnic, cultural diversity and of religion it is very big.Bucharest, Cities of Romania

In our site you can know more on the cities of Romania, in addition to on his people, the Rumanian customs and everything what you should want to know about this magnificent country. The cities of Romania also stand out for his tourist attractions.

Coat of arms of Romania

Coat of arms of Romania

The ten largest cities in Romania focuses around 20.9 percent of the population, while Bucharest has the most inhabitants, 1.94 million people, according to latest data provided by the National Statistics Institute (INS).

The following are the Top 10 positions in Iasi (315,649 inhabitants), Timisoara (312,113 inhabitants), Cluj-Napoca (306,009 inhabitants), Constanta (302,040 inhabitants), Craiova (298,643 inhabitants), Galati (290,733 inhabitants), Brasov (278.003 inhabitants ), Ploiesti (228,378 inhabitants) and Braila (211,884 inhabitants).

INS data show that during 2005-2009, with the second highest ranking cities in Romania has not changed, the changes taking place only in the first half.

Thus, Cluj-Napoca has passed the second position (2005) the fourth (2009), Iasi climbed from third place (2005) in second position (2009), is descended from the fourth (2005) on five (2009) and Timisoara advanced two positions – from five to three – in that time.

Between 2005 and 2009, while Bucharest and Timisoara have constantly increased the number of inhabitants, the population in Constanta has been steadily declining – from 306,332 to 302,040 inhabitants.