brasov map, romania

Brasov Map, Romania.

Hotels in the city

Hotel Capitol
Direction: Blvd Eroilor 19,19- Brasov 500030.
Description of hotel: The rooms are thje different size, although they are usually quite spacious. It predominate the oranje color and has a style of the 60s.
Its a big and modern building, in crystal, steel and concrete, of 9 plants. The foyer is of average size and its furnished of simple form. The restaurant serves traditional and international food.

Hotel Coroana
Direction: Blvd Republicii.62,62 Brasov
Description of hotel: This hotel was constructed in the year 1780 and its one of the buildings constructed in baroque style more ancient of the city. It has three plants in wich a whole of 76 rooms is distributed, 4 of them are suites.
There is a restaurant where you will be able to taste both Romanian specialities and international kitchen.
So that it could spend the freetime and relax, there is also a brewery.
During the summer months it will be possible to enjoy an exterior patio.

Information about Brasov
Brasov is a city in Romania and the capital of Brasov County.
The title of city-martyr was granted, for the participation of his citizens in the Romania Revolution of 1989.
According to the census of the year 2002, the city has 283.901 inhabitants.
Brasov is located in the central part of the country,it´s surrounded by the Southern Carpathians, and is part of the Transylvania region.
It´s ethnic composition includes: Romanians(90%), Hungarians and Ethnic Germans.

Brasov is a point of Romania strongly industrialized, has industries of trucks, ( it´s necessary to mention that this is the only city that develops this industry and that of helicopters and ligh planes), electrical teams of automobiles, tractors, tools, textiles, furniture, shoes and cosmetics.
In particular, the pharmaceutical industry has undergone further development lately.
The city also is a zone of big commercial inflow and of transit to other cities from what the sector of services occupies the second place in the economic activity.
It takes high levels of forest resources as wich is one of the principal producer of manufactures of the wood.

Brasov, medieval city, Romania.

Brasov, medieval city, Romania.


An establishement founded by the Order of the Gentlemen Teutones in 1211 constitued the base of the current city of Brasov.
During 13th and 14th centuries, the city was invaded by the Mongolian ones and the Ottoman ones, by what a system of walls was constructed to protect to the city and this system it was supported in service until the 17th century.
The city in the course of the 16th century, had a big economic growth due to his geographical position and to certain fiscal privileges.
This economic prosperity allowed the construction of numerous monuments, and some of them persist in our days.
But in 1689, a fire caused by the invading forces of Austrians damaged seriously the city and the population also had to fight with a deadly epidemic.
The destructions of the walls and the constructions of factories and manufactures in the 19th century, allowed a resurgence of the activities.
After the First World war, Brasov happened to be the second economic center, after his capital, Bucharest.
Although after the Second World war the city remained partially destroyed by the bombings.
The renewal and the industrialization carried out by the communist system contributed a new life for the city.

Attractions in Brasov

Due to his geographical situation, Brasov is a very strong point of the Romanian tourism, since it´s located next to the spas of Black Sea, the beautiful and historical monasteries of Moldavia, in addition to wich the city is considered to be capital of the mountains of Romania.

Inside the city is possible to visit the Black Church done in Gothic style, begun in 1384 and finished in 1477, and takes this name after the fire of 1689.
Also the Church of San Nicolas can be appreciated, the Orthodox Cathedral, constructed in 1858, the Muzel “Cousin Scoala Romaneasca”, who is a museum that exhibits the first book printed on Romanian language.
The near Castle of Bran , where believes that´s was the residence of Vlad III, or according to the legend Count Dracula.
Also it´s possible to visit the winter station of Poiana Brasov, but this one can be visited in any epoch of the year.
And finally it´s possibile to visit Tampa ,wich is a hill located along with the old center of the city.