Galati, Romania.

Galati Map, Romania.

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Hotel Vega

Direction: Marii Uniri Blv. 107
Description: Of a medium size to big, furnished well and decorated with a good style is a property adapted for business or free time.

Information about Galati

Galati is a city in eastern Romania, the capital of Galati County on the banks of the Danube.
According with the census of 2006 the city had a population of 295.000 inhabitants, making it Romania´s 7th largest city.
On the history of the city there is no a lot of historical information; the first mention that exist on Galati is of 1445.
Then in 1789, during the coursed of the war between Russia and Turkey, the city was burned
by the Russian troops.

A peasant revolt occurred in and around the city in 1907, being crushed with assistance from the Romanian Army.
The city has the largest iron and steel plant in Romania, also, the country´s largest shipyard is found here, profiting from the good access Galati has to the Black Sea through the Danube.

The region has also plantations of cereals,oily plants, forages and vineyards as well as wool and bovine cattle.

Attractions in Galati

Galati has turned into an important cultural center. They can visit, museums, theaters and other cultural centers.

The Museum of History contains remains of the prehistoric times, of the middle age as well as also of the modern and contemporary epoch, together with an invaluable ethnographic collection of the city.

Also we can meet to the Museum of Contemporary Art of Romania, only in the country, this one was constructed in 1965 and it has about 3500 paintings, sculptures and others done by the most recognized artists of the country.

museum galati romania
And finally another important museum in the city is the Museum of Natural Sciences, this one includes many elements of the flora and fauna indigenous of the country as well as also of the botanical gardens.