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Anemona Village
Direction: D Balasha 15, Mai Resort, Mangalia, Romania
Description:This hotel of recent construction enjoys a calm place to 200 meters of the beach and offers a fan of facilities for the relax and the activity.
Take delight with the modern serviceability that his wide and luminous room offers.

Make use of everything what this establishment to the shore of the sea has to offer him.

Information about Mangalia Romania
Mangalia is a city and port on the Romanian coast of the Black Sea in the south-east of Constanta County.
The city has a population of 41.153 inhabitanst.
A Greek colony named Callatis was founded in 6th century bce by the city of Heraclea Pontica. Its first silver coinage was minted approximately 350bce.
In 72 bc, Callatis was conquered by the Roman general Lucullus and was assingned to the Roman province of Moesia Inferior.
Throughout the 2nd century , the city built defensive fortifications and the minting of coinage under the Roman emperors Septimius Severus and Caracalla continued.
Then in the 9th century it was known by the Turks, by the Romans and by the Greeks under different names.
And the city was always one of the principal ports of the western coast of Black Sea.
Mangalia is the oldest city, continuous inhabitated,on the present territory of Romania.

mangalia, romania

Port Mangalia

Mangalia is characterized by a moderate climate, with warm summers and moderate winters.
The sea breeze is stronger in summer.

The natural cure factors are the water of the Black Sea and the marine climate, rich in saline aerosols and solar radiation that have a bracing effect on the organism.
The resort in Magnalia has a large , fine sand beach developed for purposes of aeroheliotherapy and wave therapy, as well as high seawalls with a specifc microclimate where one may benefit from inhalionts of saline aerosols having therapeutic effects.

The tourist attractions of the city are varied; its possible to visit the graves of the necropolis of the citadel of Calatis that date of the 3th to 2th centuries B.C.
Also there are the Ruins of the citadel of Calatis of the 6th century a.c, the Turkish mosque of Mangalia of the 16th century, the archeological museum also is worth while visiting it.
The city has been known in recent years as the place where one of the largest summer festivals in Romania take place: Callatis Festival.