Oradea Map, Romania.

Oradea Map, Romania.

Hotels in Oradea

Continental hotel Oradea
Direction:Aleea Strandului 1
Description: This hotel has eight plants and has a whole of 98 rooms, 7 of them are suites. The host has to his disposition a bar, a restaurant, a terminal of internet a parking and a garage.
Also, the hotel offers him services of rooms and of laundry.

Hotel Atrium
Direction: Republicii Street,38
Description of the hotel: Simply decorated, clean and tidy, the restaurants is quite basic.
The rooms are of different size, of small to medians.

The first documented mention of its name was in 1113 under the latin name Varadinum.
The city flourished during the 13th century. The Citadel of Oradea, the ruins of wich remain today, was first mentioned in 1241 during the Mongol invasion.
In 1474 the city was devastated by the Turks. It was until the 16th century that Oradea started growing as an urban area.
After the Ottoman invasion of Hungary in the 16th century, the city was administered at various times by the Principality of Transylvania, the Ottoman Empire, and the Habsburg Monarchy.
At the end of World War I, Oradea and Transylvania became part of the Kingdom of Romania.
The Second Vienna in 1940 returned northern parts of Transylvania, incluiding Oradea, to Hungary, this arrangement only lasted until the end of World War II when the lands were again returned to Romania.
Ethnic tensions often ran high in the area. Romanian nationalists believe Oradea and the surrounding Bihor region have always been Romanian and were finally restored to righful
Romanian control at the end of World War I.
Nowadays, however, Oradea is an example of tolerance and multiculturalism.
The different ethnic groups live in harmony, thriving on each other´s contributions to modern culture.
From 1989, the city has had a good economic development especially due to the increase of the services and consumption.
The principal industries of the city are: furniture factory, textiles, footwear and industry of the feeding.

Attractions in Oradea

The city stands out for his fascinating architecture, since it has a mixed of the communist epoch, and of the historical constructions, principally those of baroque style done by the Empire Austro-Hungarian.
In Oradea there are many places to visit and to know; its possible to begin the trip for the center of the city, visiting the center of health “Baile Felix”; following the trip for the Museum Tarii Crisurilor, of style baroque and known by his quantity of windows(365).

places oradea romania

The city counts also with about 100 churches all of them of different religions, between these 3 synagogues, one of these works nowadays, and the Cathedral Baroca, this one is the biggest of baroque style in the whole Romania.
During the Communist period and in the first years of Romania´s post-Communist transition, many of the historical buildings became derelict or were deteriorating.
After 2002, when Romania entered into an economic boom, many historical buildings in the city were restored to their previous state and currently the city gives off a very historic and well-maintened feel.