Romanian Gastronomy

The Romanian cuisine is diverse in very many dishes and offers traditional dishes. We say that Romania gastronomy offers a rich and diverse cuisine based on natural products and hand craft you spend, even in these days of rush, long time in its development.

Dominated by meat dishes especially. Seasonal vegetables are key ingredients in almost every meal in the romania cuisine.

For the romanians cooking is an art and for this reason they enjoy a exquisite gastronomy.
The romanians use everything what the nature provides them and they can make use of all ingredients mixing them to his ingenuity to prepare magnificent dishes

One of the typical meals of Romania is the Cascaval pane. Its a piece of cheese,
type of sandwich, but much thicker a slice, wich they muffle up in egg and grated bread and fry.
Other one of the most typical meals is the Ciorba. Its pronounced “chorba”, and its a soup.

Mititei. Minced meat seasoned with herbs.
Tochitura moldoveneasca. Beef stew served with mamaliga (polenta).
Sarmale. Dish of minced meat wrapped in cabbage leaves.
Frigarui. Meat skewer.
Tuslamá. Beef stew.
Kashkaval or Cascaval pane. Sheep cheese breaded.
Ciorba taraneasca. Peasant soup with vegetables.
Honey the Protap. Roast lamb typical of the region of Dobrudja.
Oltenesti CIrnati trandafiri. Sausages typical pink Oltenia region.
Muschi tiganesc. Laugh out the gypsy in the region of Wallachia
Papricas. Beef or chicken stew with fried onions, cream or tomato, typical of the region of Transylvania.
Carpa of the Danube. It has a lot of fame, but sometimes known to mud.
Clatitet. Pancakes served with hot chocolate, jam v flambéed with vodka.
Papanisi smintina cu. Roll cream or cream.