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In physical terms, the beauty of the Romanian women is unquestionable.
For his blood and his features there have left mark the Ottoman conquerors of the south and the Austro-Hungarian ones of the north. The romanian girls in Transylvania, to the north of the mountains that divide the country, there are frequent the fair-haired hairs and clear eyes that reveal the Central European heredity, whereas in Valaquia to the southern region there are frequent the faces that denote the latin heredity. This does that many men especially the Spanish and Italian go to Romania in search of this beautiful romanian girls and romanian women.

romanian girls

Romanian Girls for Miss

Every year thousends of persons meet to Romania in search of fun and in some cases, at the present increasingly in search of a romanian woman wife. It´s for this that in Spain it has increased the number of marriages between Spanish and Romanians girls and romanian women.
Romanian girls are an odd lot. They are actually related to the ancient Romans but live in Eastern Europe.

The Roman province of Dacia was cut off during the collapse of the empire and the descendants lived in Slavic Eastern Europe.  In Romania there is also a large gypsy population (Indian origin) and even some Turkish, Hungarian and Tartar (all Asian). However the biggest mix is of course Slavic.  This is why Romanian girls are so beautiful.  They are mostly Latin, a some Slavic and a little bit something exotic.
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