Tourism in Romania

Romania offers a variety of tourist propositions of general interest.
Romania in addition to the Danube and the Carpathians has one without end of tourist possibilities.
The country has 24 cities lowered the patronage of the UNESCO, such as the cities of Darjui, Biertan and Moldovita.

Romania has a big architectural and pictoral patrimony due to his history that as has already been mentioned its very rich and diverse in content, still there survive rest of the Roman, Greek and Hungarian past.

The Carpathians, the Black Sea, the Delta of Danube, the monasteries of the north of Moldavia, the millennial traditions of the region of Maramures, the Transylvania with the legend of Dracula, the famous wines, the traditional and kitchen especially.

The hospitality of his inhabitants, all this means Romania.
A country in wich one can relax in the coast, can rise to the solitude of the mountain or go down to deep caverns, can explore the Delta of the Danube, or rest in a traditional ranch, enjoying the flavor of the meals and taking delight with the wines of the only aromas.

The tourism for Romania represent one of his principal economic income.
Romania has a big variety of hotel proposals that go from the most economic up to the most expensive, depending on the city at wich you stay, in addition to all the agencies of trips wich propose to him different routes to know the country and to offer him all the services that you need.