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Paucescu House in Bucharest

In a certain style, the Paucescu House in Bucharest is a kind of symbolic landmark of the Romania capital.

Looked as a location which holds all contrasts, Bucharest combines the gray feature of their industrial and peripheral communities using the outstanding architectural and historic patrimony scattered chiefly around the central regions of the city.
It’s precisely in this way that Paucescu House is representational of Bucharest: it handles to mix right into a single eclectic concept the glass and steel roughness from the contemporary architecture using the remainders from the classic elegance from the middle 1800s French Renaissance style.

Initially, the building was the residence of the politician Grigore Paucescu, from the middle to the end of 1800s.
Also, the residence was among the modems from the social, political and cultural existence of Bucharest, going through a skyrocket recognition using the cultural and political bigwigs from the city before the early twentieth century.
Paucescu casa romania
The dwelling later grew to become the Embassy of Austro-Hungary bation, only to become derelict site throughout the communist regime and also the a long time, an unfortunate sight hardly similar to the splendor and glory from the former edifice, ravaged throughout the 1989 Revolution.

At the moment, the Paucescu House is the primary headquarters to the National Architects Union. Some have a tendency to classify the building among the more strange structures on the planet, on the other hand, contemplate it is representational of the possible lack of inspiration and poise from the local government bodies regarding protecting the historic patrimony of Bucharest.

However, situated near to the Revolution Square, the Paucescu House provides a tourist spectacle virtually unequalled by other sights in Bucharest.

Paucescu House in Bucharest

Paucescu House in Bucharest

Address: 5, Strada Dem Dobrescu, Bucharest, Romania
It’s, certainly, a place of interest to not be skipped out during your visit to Bucharest: a cubic glass and steel core rising above and repel a spend which hardly calls forth the spirit and also the expression from the classic architecture.
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